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Finding a plumber in Balgriffin is relatively easy. However finding someone who is really trustworthy and competent might not be as simple as it seems. You may want to read on…

balgriffin plumber,balgriffin plumbing,servicesIf you start asking around among friends, family and colleagues, you may be surprised at the number of people unhappy with work performed by plumbing companies they called upon, with some people even ending up losing money or spending too much. Complaints are varied, including emergency plumbers taking way too long to arrive, not doing the job properly, not cleaning up their own mess where they worked, and even some companies trying to inflate the bill with “hidden charges” (some even going as far as charging you for their parking costs).

The list goes on and on. So where do you find a reliable…

Balgriffin plumber

Now – when you choose to call on a reputable company such as Dublin Plumbing Services, the picture changes dramatically.

Firstly, being a larger, more established and well known plumbing company, we do a lot more work than some of our smaller competitors. As such, there are a lot more people who will start talking if we perform poorly – so it is not as easy for us to hide poor workmanship, slow response times, or leaving a mess at customers’ homes and businesses.

Secondly, as a larger plumbing services company we are more readily subjected to scrutiny regarding qualified plumbers, professional certifications and registrations, and all the necessary public liability insurance cover.

To address these issues, we have chosen to employ only the best plumbing engineers we could, slowly building a team of fully qualified, well experienced individuals over a number of years. In addition to this, we have strict company policies regarding response- and work procedures to ensure fast, efficient response, and competent, tidy workmanship.

Of course, for practical reasons we have also chosen to have different bases of operations located all over the city – see the list of local telephone numbers at the top of the page.

Lastly, the paperwork has to be in order (since we are a larger company), and insurance, certifications and registrations are all in place.

As such, whenever you choose to call on one of our Balgriffin plumbers, you can do so with complete peace of mind.

So – give us a call on the most convenient number from the list below, or use the emergency telephone number – and help can soon be on its way.

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